Green Talks: Invite Green Heart Works to speak at your business, home or school or check for a special venue on our calendar.  Talks and activities can be customized to your group’s needs.  Average workshop length: 1 ½ – 2 hours.   Half-days or full-day retreats may be arranged upon request.


“Cultivating a Green Heart”: Integrate compassion and sustainability into a daily practice.  Start your day cultivating a green heart through yoga and mindfulness training.

“Sustainable You”:  Integrate green choices into your lifestyle on a daily basis. Keep a sustainability log and adopt sustainable practices. Record how & where you shop, use of reusable bags, reduced trips, carpooling, biking, etc.

“Greening your home”: Smart actions that save you money and are good for the environment. Go on a carbon foot print diet: reduce your energy use, employ water conservation methods and more.

“Greening your lunch”: Learn how to pack a plastic-free lunch, full of wholesome goodness, every time for you and your family members.  (For an added materials fee, participants can go home with a cotton lunch bag, snack bag and sandwich bag.)

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